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House Painting
Commercial and Residential Renovation

With over ten years of experience in commercial, institutional and residential projects we bring a different approach when it comes to your home renovation. Planning and making sure we track every change needed throughout the project life cycle we believe is the key for excellence.

 Repairs and             Maintenance

Our team will take care of everything, even those inevitable unforeseen problems that will turn up during the construction phase. We will progressively elaborate the scope of work according to what is technically right and cost- effectively adequate to the project's budget.


Throughtout the entire design-build process, we will have a Project Manager to guide you through the phases and keep you aware and informed of everything. From the design phase by listening and engaging you to explore options and create a project that corresponds to your expectations to constructions stages, the PM will immerse you to be part of the final result. We manage more than construction, we collaborate!

Bright and Modern Kitchen
Interior Design

From a first Info meeting to capture your needs to a 3D model to illustrate better our concept and achieve the best value, we strive to turn your dream into a scope of work. Our appreciation and understanding of what suit better for your needs regarding cost, function and form is our aim. We will walk you through the art of designing a great place that will contemplate your satisfaction

Need a Permit


We deal with all the legal aspects  of your project. From permit drawings to gathering all documents required for a permit application we will assist you throughout the process. Whether an inspection is needed or not, we will be there to ensure compliance with the local code and regulations.



Born in Rio de Janeiro, RJ / Brazil, Andre Gouvea Lopes graduated in Architecture at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and specialized in Interior Design at FGV - Fundacao Getulio Vargas. With over 20 years experience Andre prides himself on making friends in every project he executes.

He believes that Architecture should inspire people and connect them to places. Unlike the others arts, Architecture and Design affects every aspect in our lives. It requires the professional not only to understand forms and shapes but also of qualitative standards as technology in construction grows more complex.

A vital step to success is to understand that success is measured by project quality, timeliness, budget compliance and mainly the degree of customer satisfaction.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

(Leonardo da Vinci)



Year Established in Canada


Projects Completed in Canada


Projects Complete outside Canada





Through the clear communication between the client and us, after the brainstorming ideas to fit your budget, we will start the project.

Knowing what to expect and what choices you will make, your renovation experience will be incredible. 

Dealing with a build professional team, we will support you during the entire process to ensure the success of the project.

We arrange the paperwork and application process for permits to  your renovation, according to the regulations and codes. If inspections are necessary do not worry, we will arrange those. 

During the entire process we will update you about our progress, doing the reports and meetings.

Contact us to make your dream project. 



For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: 778-927-8178 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

1360 Island Park Walk

Vancouver, V6H 3T5

Tel: 778-927-8178

Get a quote: 778-927-8178
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